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Jeff Wished To Have A Tree House

  • Jeff

  • Jeff

In 1992, his doctors sent him home with a 5 percent chance to live.

In 1991, Jeff was a normal 4-year-old boy living the dream. However, his life quickly changed when he contracted the chicken pox. After several months of questions and hospital visits, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

In September of 1991, Jeff started a six month chemo therapy treatment where he had six different types of spinal tap procedures. When he finally finished his treatment, Jeff showed no signs of cancer and was told that if he remained cancer free for five years, he would be fully cured. 

Unfortunately, in April of 1992, doctors discovered that his cancer had returned. It was at that time that Jeff’s family was told that his only hope was to receive a bone marrow transplant. Luckily for him, his older sister Ashley was the perfect match.

It was at that time when his family heard about Make-A-Wish at the hospital and began the process to have Jeff’s most heartfelt wish granted. He wanted to wish for something that he could enjoy from the comfort of his backyard and so he wished to have a tree house!

During the middle of his Make-A-Wish process, Jeff underwent his bone marrow transplant surgery. On May 29, 1992, all of Jeff’s white blood cells were destroyed and were finally replaced with his sister’s bone marrow donation.

Although it was a draining experience, he remained in high spirits because he knew that he had his tree house waiting for him at home. When Jeff finally returned home, he was not only excited to see his tree house but was happy that the local fire department had also come out to show their support. 

For Jeff, his wish was something that he will never forget as it gave him hope and a space to call his own. His tree house served as a chance to be a normal kid again… a kid living the dream without having to worry about the next hospital visit. 

As the years passed by, Jeff has continued to cherish his Make-A-Wish experience. Today, Jeff is clear of cancer!

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