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I wish to have a backyard renovation.

“ This is something that’s different and special. It’s something he’ll get to use all the time. ”

- Kevin, Volunteer

  • Landon , 5

    • neurological condition
    • I wish to have a backyard renovation.

Before birth, Landon was diagnosed with a congenital malformation. Landon loves to interact with his surroundings and is happiest in the presence of his family. When all together at home, the family enjoys being outside, but Landon is not always able to enjoy playtime with his brothers and parents because of his medical condition.

Landon is wheelchair dependent so the average play equipment for a backyard is not designed with Landon’s conditions in mind. When asked what his most heartfelt wish was, Landon wished to have a backyard redo filled with equipment made for his condition.

During the summer of 2018, his wish became possible with a special grant awarded to Make-A-Wish® from Home Depot®. The grant serves to give back to military families for their service. Landon’s father, Robert, is a member of the U.S. Navy.

Over the course of two days, volunteers from Make-A-Wish and Home Depot worked tirelessly to construct the backyard of Landon’s dreams!

“There’s creativity to a wish like this where you have to think about things like a therapy swing or a sand box to stimulate him. This is something that’s different and special. It’s something he’ll get to use all the time so being a part of it is a lot of fun,” shared Kevin, one of many volunteers who generously donated their time to help make Landon’s wish possible.

Not only was Home Depot’s efforts put forth to help a U.S. service member, but a few of the volunteers who helped make Landon's wish possible were service veterans themselves.

“To give back and to give my time is the satisfaction at the end of the day,” said Paul, a retired U.S. Army veteran.

A team of more than 20 volunteers worked together to install a variety of new additions to the backyard. A lifted sand box was constructed to be able to provide access for Landon's wheelchair. A special swing was added to allow him to comfortably enjoy his play set. Additionally, because Landon loves lights and movement, the volunteer team also built him a fire pit!

Finally, to make sure that Landon can enjoy himself outside in the Southern California sun, a pergola was added to provide shade and protection. Proper shade was an important factor when designing his backyard as Landon’s medical condition requires his body temperature to be watched closely due to being unable to cool off by sweating.

To keep the renovations a surprise, Landon’s family was asked to stay inside and try their best to not sneak any peeks of what was to come. When it came time for the big reveal, the volunteers lined the entrance of the backyard with signs and cheered for Landon – welcoming them to their new backyard!

The family was floored by the generosity and efforts provided to help Landon’s wish come true.

“It means the world to us that a bunch of people who don’t know our family, or who don’t know Landon, have come together and made this all possible. There’s no words to describe how grateful we are for all the help and everything that people are doing for us,” said Robert, Landon’s father.

Landon is now able to play with his brothers as much as he wants when he is in the backyard. All of this thanks to the incredible generosity of the community, Make-A-Wish, and especially Home Depot!

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