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Bionca wished to have a graduating senior package

Bionca celebrates her high school graduation with a photoshoot!

Bionca dreamed of having a prom dress, a senior ring and a yearbook.

Bionca missed out on many of the activities in high school because her of her illness and treatment. As a senior, Bionca started feeling better and was ready to experience all the special things that come with graduating from high school.

Senior year is an important time in life for most high school students. For Bionca, her senior year was even more significant because she had missed out on countless experiences during her high school years do to bone cancer. When she started feeling better, she was ready to be a part of as many events as possible especially the biggest senior event, prom. When asked about her wish, Bionca wished for a graduating senior package which included going to prom, all of the prom accessories, plus a class ring, and yearbook.

On prom night, Bionca was so excited! She wanted to make sure she had pictures of every moment, so a photographer was set up to take pictures of Bionca on her special day. After the photo session, Bionca and her friends headed off to dinner. After enjoying a delicious meal, it was time to go to the main event - prom! The red carpet was rolled out for her as she entered the venue. Bionca was all smiles and had lots of fun dancing with her friends and just feeling like a normal high school teenager.

Bionca is very grateful that she has so many special memories and mementos of her senior year in high school. Now she  can look back at all the pictures and reflect on the wonderful time she had.



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