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I Wish To Go See My Favorite Musical

  • Tegenn's wish to go see her favorite musical

  • Nothing but smiles from Tegenn before the show!

  • Tegenn enjoying dinner before the big show!

  • Red carpet entrance just for Tegenn!

For the rest of the show, she sat and watched her favorite musical come to life right before her very eyes!

Tegenn is a bright girl with a love for history and the world of theatre. When she was given the chance to have her most heartfelt wish granted, she didn’t hesitate to ask to go see her favorite musical.

In May of 2018, her wish was granted when she not only attended a showing of her favorite Broadway musical, but also received an unforgettable backstage meet and greet with the cast!

Before the performance, Tegenn had a special visit from Designed Elegance and had her hair and makeup done so that she could feel extra Broadway-ready! Tegenn made sure to wear her treasured revolutionary-era jacket over her dress, dressed to the tee for her big day.

With her wardrobe set, Tegenn and her family were picked up in a limo and driven to Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant for a VIP pre-show dinner. Afterwards, it was time to see the show! Tegenn and her family headed over to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts for the big moment!

When Tegenn exited the limo, a red carpet was rolled out just for her! As she walked towards the entrance, she could hardly contain her excitement!

Ticket scanned and seat taken, Tegenn held her breath as the curtain rose. When the first song resounded throughout the theatre, she couldn’t help smiling. She knew the song by heart. 

For the rest of the show, she sat and watched her favorite musical come to life right before her very eyes.

After the performance, Tegenn was escorted backstage for a special meet and greet with the cast! Minutes before she had watched them perform onstage and now they stood right in front of her, eager to meet her!

Having her most heartfelt wish granted left Tegenn with the biggest smile and most special memories. It was an experience she and her family will forever treasure.

“Make-A-Wish made me realize that there’s hope. Hope for the future. When things get painful I will remember that life will get better again. It won’t always be this way. I will remind myself - you got to see your favorite musical! You got to meet that cast! If that can happen, then anything and everything is possible in life. The sky's the limit.”- Tegenn.

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