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I wish to go to Aulani®, a Disney Resort & Spa

  • Francheska

  • Francheska

  • Francheska

  • Francheska

  • Francheska

  • Francheska

“ I’m just glad that I have Make-A-Wish ”

- Francheska

Francheska has a lot to celebrate.

This 8-year-old recently completed chemotherapy for a Wilms’ tumor, received clearance to go back to school and celebrated her birthday.

Boogie boarding in the light blue waves on her recent wish to go to Aulani®, a Disney Resort & Spa, Francheska was able to soak in not only the sunshine but also the feeling of life away from the hospital.

“This was a boost of strength to continue,” says her father Jesse. “It has given her more to be happy about. Not everything is about going to the doctor.”

When Francheska was diagnosed in May of 2013 her father Jesse said “it was tough on the family and a major shock.”

For more than a month, Francheska was in the hospital undergoing treatment, even having a kidney removed. To keep her spirits up she watched Disney Channel’s “Teen Beach Movie” in between chemo sessions and doctors’ appointments.

Her movie marathons sparked a passion and love for Hawaii and all things tropical. When approached by
Make-A-Wish, it was only natural that her most heartfelt wish was to visit the very island that she so often used as an escape from her treatment.

Little did Francheska know, her wish would begin to come true sooner than she imagined.  

At our Evening of Wishes gala on Oct. 17, Francheska and her family arrived — unknowingly as the honored guests of the evening.

“Francheska didn’t know what was going to happen at the gala,” her father said. “She got picked up in a limousine, and she was told to just have a seat when we got there.”

In the middle of the evening’s program  the audience was directed to shout the words, “Francheska, you’re going to Hawaii” which appeared on a big screen.

Island music suddenly filled the ballroom, and the Polynesian dance troupe, Lokelani, entered. They asked Francheska to dance with them and learn the hula.

Francheska and her family danced the rest of the night away, excited about her wish reveal and taking in the feeling of the power of a wish.

Today, Francheska’s celebration continues.

“Francheska has been so happy since her wish. She doesn’t like to go to checkups at the hospital and be poked, but it’s much easier now," said Francheska's dad.

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