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I wish to be a singer

  • Vicky

  • Vicky

  • Vicky

  • Vicky

“ This wish has been a blessing and huge impact on my life. ”

- Vicky

  • Vicky , 15

    • autoimmune disease
    • I wish to be a singer
  • Singer , Music

Challenges are not new to Vicky and her family. The 15-year-old was diagnosed in May of 2013 with an autoimmune disease and has overcome many obstacles ever since. Shortly after Vicky’s younger brother was officially in remission from leukemia, she was diagnosed with lupus and endured five months of chemotherapy. 

“Everything was different when I was diagnosed, I couldn’t go out, we were stuck inside or away from people to avoid getting sick,” said Vicky.

That’s when she turned to music as an outlet.

“Vicky has always loved music but then she discovered the power of singing,” said Vicky’s mom, Nela. “It helps her get through the rough patches, it’s a positive affirmation.”

When approached by Make-A-Wish volunteers it was no surprise that Vicky wanted to take her passion for music to the next level and be a singer. 

With the help of Los Rios Rock School out of San Juan Capistrano, her wish became a reality. Vicky took vocal lessons and was paired up with four other teen musicians to form a band. The group met for rehearsals over the course of a few months, all in preparation for Vicky’s musical debut on August 8 at the Anaheim House of Blues. 

“We are extremely impressed and inspired by Vicky,” said Tyler Marolf, CEO and Founder of Los Rios Rock School. “She has brought all of us together and has energized the entire school. Being able to help grant her wish was a magical experience.”

On the day of her wish, Vicky and her family were taken by limo to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney, she toured the famous venue and then prepared backstage with her band in a large dressing room. 

Finally, the moment came when she took the stage and was greeted with cheers from nearly 800 concert goers.

Overflowing with excitement, the spotlight shone on her as she confidently walked out on stage and took hold of the microphone.

With a smile, she nodded to her band that she was ready to begin. 

Vicky swayed to the beat as she sang “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals and “Love Don’t Die” by The Fray to the packed venue. At the end of her performance, the crowd went wild and Vicky felt like a true rock star!

“This wish has been a blessing and huge impact on my life. It’s something that I will definitely remember and cherish forever.” - Vicky 

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