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Brian wished to be a fashion designer


“ Brian wished to be a fashion designer ”

Brian wished to see his designs on the catwalk.

Cameras flashed as Brian posed next to the runway model who was wearing his fashion design. His joy and happiness were apparent in his brilliant smile. Never in his dreams did he believe his wish to be a fashion designer would make him so happy, and even more, he never dreamed he would stand next to a model wearing his original design!

Brian woke up more excited than ever on the morning his wish was to come true. He got out his favorite clothes and prepared to go to the runway fashion show to see some of his creations being shown. Lover of designer and high-end clothes, Brian knew exactly what kind of fashions to create for runway models. Flash! Flash! Brian watched as the models walked down the catwalk in his most elegant designs. He was so proud to see his creations come to life. After the show, Brian and his family went to dinner and enjoyed some great food by the sea. Brian could not smile any bigger. He felt so special.

Battling a tumor, Brian often gets discouraged. Days can be scary and tough, and are often filled with medical treatments. Yet, after this long and beautiful day, Brian decided he had had the best day of his life. He loves designing clothes and he liked everyone watching the models wearing his fashions. He would never forget those special feelings he experienced and the love and support given to him that day. For Brian, this was a day of fashion, of love, and of hope!

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