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I wish to be a chef

Amina Familia Folks

“ I'm just so happy they did this ”

- Amina

Since she can remember, Amina has wanted to be a chef more than anything. The 6-year-old girl, who enjoys the color pink and playing with her puppy, loves spending time in the kitchen more than anything else.


In March of 2012 Amina was diagnosed with Leukemia. After undergoing numerous medical tests and treatments in recent years, Make-A-Wish® Orange County and the Inland Empire gave her something to look forward to. Amina already spends the majority of her time in her play kitchen thinking up culinary masterpieces or watching the food network when she is not helping her parents cook. When asked what her most heartfelt wish was, she knew exactly what she wanted, to be a real chef! 

“When she found out about her wish she was so excited that her dream was going to come true. She always likes to cook for us,” said Anabel, Amina’s mom.

With the help of Thermador, Make-A-Wish made her dream a reality. When she arrived at “Amina’s Café” for the grand opening, she was presented with a personalized chef’s coat and hat. Yet, that was not the only surprise Make-A-Wish had for her. What Amina thought was a day in the kitchen with her parents turned into a café full of her family and friends, all of which were there to eat her delectable food.

<Get Amina's Cookbook Here>

After serving her guests, Amina sat behind a table beaming as her newest fans lined up for autographs. They also received a copy of her cookbook, which featured her very own recipe for phyllo spun shrimp- Amina's favorite food!

“I’m just so happy that they did this,” said Amina, sitting in front of a big Chef Amina sign after her cookbook signing. 

 With a smile that lit the whole room, Chef Amina’s wish came true. 

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