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I wish to go to the snow

“ She wanted me to tell you that she's very good at skiing. She said she thought she was never going to get to go to the mountains ever, but she did it! ”

- Patrice, Emma's mom.

Emma is a sweet and outgoing young girl who enjoys reading different books and playing dress-up with her sister and friends. After being diagnosed with a heart condition at a young age, she and her family began to spend many of their days visiting the doctor’s office. Nonetheless, Emma’s energetic personality remained as she was always on the lookout for new activities.

For Emma, her one true wish was clear. She knew in her heart that she wished to go to the snow more than anything else. She dreamed of playing with the snow, making a snowman with her family and visiting a magical snow castle!

When it came to revealing that her most heartfelt wish would soon come true, her wish granters surprised her with snow-themed presents that would ultimately reveal the detailed news of her upcoming week-long trip to Mammoth Mountain! 

Soon after, Emma and her family were on their way to a winter wonderland! As soon as Emma saw the field of white snow around her, she couldn’t wait to jump in and make snow angels! She and her family were so excited to breathe in the crisp mountain air and spend time together. Emma and her sister also made a friendly snowman and even dressed him up to make sure he stayed warm. 

One of the many highlights of her trip was her private skiing lessons organized through Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, a non-profit organization providing adaptive sports and therapeutic outdoor recreation activities for people with disabilities. After her lessons, Emma felt like a ski-pro. She was eager to jump off of the ski lift and go down the slippery hills!

“Emma did fantastic and was soon skiing on her own on the beginner run, with another of our staff instructors nearby carrying her O2 generator.  It reminded us, once again, how certain conditions or disabilities cannot dampen the human spirit when it comes to doing something you really want to do!” said Mark Spieler, ski school director.

Emma had so much fun on her snow-filled adventures and will always remember all the fun she had during her most heartfelt wish.

“Emma said her favorite part of the wish was going skiing on a real mountain in real snow,” said Patrice, Emma’s mom. “She wanted me to tell you that she's very good at skiing. She said she thought she was never going to get to go to the mountains ever, but she did it!”

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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