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We are Make-A-Wish

It takes a community to create life-changing wish experiences for kids battling critical illnesses. Meet the people who donate their time, money or resources to make wishes possible!

Meet the dedicated volunteers who help make wishes come true!

 "Knowing there are families who are so brave, courageous, kind and giving of themselves to their children. We still believe that we can never repay Make-A-Wish for all that being a wish granter has done for us and our family. We have compassion for each family that struggles to maintain what the rest of the world considers ‘normal’, while dealing with a child who has a life-threatening condition."
- Mark & Shelly
"Being a part of this amazing organization is inspirational. We have the power to change lives and deliver hope and happiness. A wish is so powerful that it can change the child, the family and the community. Volunteer now, it will be the beginning of something special."
- Maria

Meet the donors who help us grant more wishes!

 Hartley Sandra Sandy and Hartley spent 65 years together. After her passing, Hartley learned of a secret his wife had been keeping from him. Sandy started a savings account 30 years ago with her spare change (resulting in more than $127k) for the sole benefit of Make-A-Wish. We are grateful for Sandy’s dedication to helping wish children!
 “Make-A-Wish has always been dear to my heart because of the kids. I’ve been so blessed in my own life and wanted to give back. The more I’ve become involved with the organization, the more it’s given back to me. To witness the power of a wish and the smiles it brings to not only the children’s faces, but to the entire family is priceless.”
- Shari

Meet our Kids for Wish Kids Members who give back!

K4wk    “I think it is important for kids my age to start a Make-A-Wish club because it helps them get involved in their community… with a group you are able to exceed what you could only do alone! This club has changed my life in so many ways, and I think that it will have the same effect on others as well.”
- Franchesca & Isabella 
 Their club raised enough to adopt the wish of a local child.
 “There is no limit to what you can achieve if you put your mind to something! Giving back to an organization like Make-A-Wish is something that you won’t forget, especially considering how much impact they have on lives of children and their families”
- Jackson
 Jackson hosted a School District-wide coin drive resulting in $15,000 for wish kids. 



Meet the couples who gave to Make-A-Wish on their big day! 

WBW    “Your wedding day is special. People are there because they love you and want to share your special day. So what better way to share love than to come together and give to those in need? You already have your health and happiness. Why not give hope to someone who isn’t even asking for it, and yet, so desperately needs just a little sprinkle of
 hope to bring joy into their lives?”
 - Massiel & Robb

"We support Make-A-Wish for a number of reasons.  We met volunteering for Make-A-Wish more than seven years ago and we've always been grateful that our paths crossed while volunteering for cause that we are both so passionate about. Through various experiences, we've both personally witnessed the power of a wish and we know how much strength and joy it can bring to wish kids and their families.” 
- Chelsey & Matt


Chesley Matt

Meet the professionals who donate their services to support Make-A-Wish! 


"I honored to donate my DJ skills to Make-A-Wish with the hope of giving and bringing some cheer and a little relief into the lives of some very unfortunate kids dealing with struggles in their lives. In the process, I have been blessed with a happier life in return. It’s funny how it works but the most rewarding events that I’ve been a part of are the ones I donate my services to. That’s why I give back, it’s about the kids and the people at Make-A-Wish, they are the reason I continue my grateful journey with them."
- Jeff, Moondance Mobile Music

 "I photograph for Make-A-Wish because although I don’t think we can be entirely sure what we are here for, if we try to make the world a better place than when we left it and help fill it with more happiness, I think that's really what it’s about. All the folks at Make-A-Wish do this on a daily basis, and I feel that it is so awesome and an honor to be a small part of what they do. And we all do it for the Wish kids, who seriously rock - I always feel that I receive so much more than I give. Thank you so much Make-A-Wish for having me!"
-  Erin, Erin Shimazu Photograhy


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